30 January 2023

Nic Alford and Zero Carbon making a difference for the environment

Nicholas Alford, COO, joined the Zero Carbon family in June 2022, initially as an advisor to the founders. He has quickly become a key player in the company's efforts to deliver solutions for a more sustainable future.

“The more time I spent with the Zero Carbon team, the more excited I became about the work they were doing. I’m committed to bringing my 30 years of international experience in the construction industry, with 24 years in the GCC region, to do my bit to making the company a success.

We will deploy many more LOOP units, initially at landfill sites, as part of a larger system we have designed which supports municipalities to go to zero-waste-to-landfill much faster than current targets.

Graphene is capable of playing a vital role in decarbonizing many sectors, and will have impacts in construction, water desalination, manufacturing, and electronics. Graphene as an additive to other materials, such as rubber in tyres, concrete in construction, and coatings in the shipbuilding sector, makes them lighter, tougher, harder wearing and longer lasting. In batteries, semiconductors and other electronics, graphene is super conductive, and can make them more efficient.

Cement production is responsible for a high proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions. When used in concrete, the amount of cement used can be significantly reduced by the addition of a small amount of graphene. Graphene also makes the concrete faster-curing because it enhances the chemical reaction which determines the hardening time. These two factors, not only stand to make the process less carbon intensive, but also reduce the total cost of the project through saving of materials, but also time saved waiting for the concrete to dry.

“I’m delighted to be part of the team, and excited to see our plans come to life, using this and other technologies to decarbonise major infrastructure across the region”

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