Ready to deliver Net Zero

Our first project is a big one, and we think its going to change a few things around here…



Zero Carbon has developed a unique system to tackle the issue of methane emitted from landfills, profitably. We capture landfill gas before it’s liberated to the atmosphere and repurpose it to valuable commodities.

Using a combination of old and new technologies from our partners in a novel way, Zero Carbon will transform the previously costly and environmentally damaging process of degassing landfills into profitable full-scale graphene and hydrogen advanced manufacturing facilities. The aim is to reduce carbon in our atmosphere but also to take a major stake in this exciting new graphene market, ahead of the curve.

We are currently assessing a number of suitable sites.

At full scale, the system will produce circa 3000 tonnes a year of high-grade graphene, and net-negative hydrogen, without any electricity from the grid AND represent a 650,000 tCO2e carbon reduction, on just a single landfill site.

Zero Carbon builds contractual relationships with the most impactful innovations that will drive future decarbonisation.


Carbon capture, storage and utilisation.


Developing circular economies at industrial facilities.


Low cost, low carbon footprint energy storage systems.


Clean energy generation, and energy efficiency engineering.

Paint Coatings

Application of products to insulate and enhance performance of existing assets.