23 May 2022

Zero Carbon Ventures partners with Levidian Nanosystems to bring game-changing carbon reducing technology to the Middle East

Zero Carbon Ventures signs exclusive deal to bring Levidian’s LOOP technology to the UAE.

Zero Carbon Ventures signs exclusive deal to bring Levidian’s LOOP technology to the UAE.

LOOP can turn waste Methane into green hydrogen and graphene – vastly reducing the climate changing impact of the oil and gas industries. Zero Carbon Ventures partners with major waste management, oil and gas companies and government agencies to deploy at least 500 LOOP50 devices in the region over the next five years. A single LOOP device saves at least 100 tonnes of carbon equivalent every year.

About LOOP

LOOP devices are named for their approximate annual CO2e reduction potential. A LOOP50, for example, reduces CO2e by 50 tonnes per year. This amount of CO2e is doubled in applications where the input gas is from a waste source, such as on oil & gas well sites (a LOOP50 using waste gas would reduce CO2e by 100 tonnes per year). LOOPs can be deployed in standard shipping containers or into permanent infrastructure as single units or larger arrays. Levidian is currently scaling up LOOP technology to deploy LOOP1000+.

The device uses a patented low temperature, low pressure process to crack methane into its constituent atoms, hydrogen, and carbon, without the need for catalysts or additives. The carbon is locked into high-quality graphene and the hydrogen can either be used as a hydrogen-rich blend or separated and stored for use in its pure form.

About Levidian Nanosystems

Founded in 2012, Levidian is a British climate tech business whose patented LOOP technology cracks methane into hydrogen and carbon, locking the carbon into high-quality green graphene. Our world-leading Technology Centre in Cambridge also offers R&D consultancy to companies in the development of graphene-enhanced products.

Levidian’s vision is a decarbonised world powered by hydrogen and built on graphene.

“Zero Carbon Ventures’ mission is to scour the globe to find world-class carbon-reducing innovations that can make a hugely positive impact in the Middle East. There’s no doubt that Levidian’s game-changing LOOP devices will do just that, producing both green hydrogen and high-quality graphene, right here in the UAE. Both products in turn will have a positive impact on many industrial processes. This is our first major deal that will have a real impact on our region, but it will be the first of many. We can’t wait to get started.”

Martin Reynolds
Zero Carbon Ventures CEO

“It is very exciting to see our first LOOP device deployed in the UAE. LOOP is at its most powerful when decarbonising waste gas to generate hydrogen and graphene. Methane is the most potent greenhouse gas and Levidian’s mission is to turn this gas into a powerful tool for decarbonisation. We look forward to seeing Zero Carbon’s network of LOOPs growing over the coming years.”

John Hartley
Levidian CEO

About Zero Carbon.

Zero Carbon Ventures is a dynamic team of globally renowned multi-sector business and technology experts, headquartered at Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City. Its mission is to bring world-beating carbon-reducing technologies to the Middle East.

Zero Carbon’s team scours the world to find innovations that can be nurtured, scaled up and deployed to create impactful propositions for the region. It works closely with its partners giving them investment, commercial know-how, and vital connections to Middle Eastern companies to create immediate and long-lasting benefits to all.

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